10 Biggest Slot Machine Wins Of All Time

10 Biggest Slot Machine Wins Of All Time

Slot machines have been a big money-spinner for both brick-and-mortar and online casinos. Players spend millions of dollars on slot games each year. Hence, as a reward, they make the biggest wins with these slot machines.

Biggest Slot Wins In History

1. A Progressive Jackpot of $10.4 Million

The licensed online casinos offers progressive jackpots for its players worldwide. I can share a story of an Australian guy who has made a big playing slot in an online casino. He earned $10.4 million (AUS) in one night. So you can see how easy it is to make money with slot machines.

2. Unexpected Win of $12.7 Million

Sounds a bit odd, isn’t it? But this is a reality. In the world of gambling slot machines offer chances to win big. At least we can say this for a secret lady who has won $12,769,933 on the Birthday of her niece.

And this is hard to believe – she won only with the bet of 6-Coin. She was too surprised about winning the big prize money. Finally, her niece convinced that she would be going back with the cash prize of $12.7 million.

3. Massive Win of $13 Million

It is quite an unbelievable story to make you think insomnia is good. This student of Norway University suffered from the problem of insomnia. So he thought of utilizing the time on gambling. He decided to use the free spins offered by casinos and to everyone’s surprise, he won the prize money of $13 million.

4. $16 Million – Just Unimaginable

Considering the biggest jackpots ever with online casinos the foremost thing coming into mind is Mega Moolah. It was a British soldier who was posted in Afghanistan and had spent millions on his father’s best possible treatment. He was waiting for a lung and heart transplant.

Thanks to the Mega Moolah. It made the way for this 26-year old soldier who has won the cash prize of $16,547,652.00 for gambling only with 25 pence.

5. Megabucks Jackpot worth $21 Million

Let us look at the story of this 92-year-old Elmer Sherwin. In the year 1989, he made his first win with $4.6 million with Megabucks. Again in 2005, he came back to win huge prize money of $21.1 million.

The 2nd World War Veteran was a charitable man who donated a good amount to his folks and the rest for the Hurricane Katrina victims. He passed away 2 years later but has set an example that winning has no age.

6. Again a Great Win of $21 Million

Caesar Casino at Las Vegas has changed the life of a business consultant for good. It has maintained its reputation again. This unidentified business consultant bet only with $10 and has won the cash prize of $21,346,952. He won the amount playing on the Megabucks slot. So it has got something, isn’t it?

We don’t have much information about the winner. Just small information – he was 49 years old when he hit the spin and won the prize money. And he is a businessman by profession. It is said that he has won the amount at his first spin. Win huge with cndcasinobonus.com which offers great jackpots as well.

7. Win of $22.6 Million with Megabucks Again

Breakfast is considered to be the vital meal of a day. But this has made the day of Johanna Heundl, a resident of Covina in California. She was having breakfast on 27th March 2002 at Bally (Las Vegas).

She thought to play on Megabucks Slot and bet with $170 followed by the win of $22,618,156 in a short while. Initially, she had thought of winning only $2 million. But then she had realized about misreading the amount. Johanna Heundl might have remembered this breakfast for the years to come.

8. 25 Cents To $24 Million

Yes, this is also a true story. Often it is heard that poker players don’t try their luck with slot machines. But this poker player from Finland turned his 25 Cents into a massive cash prize of $24 million spinning the Mega Fortune.

The 40-year-old was lucky with the slot machine but he is known to be a unique poker player at the casino. He won playing at an online casino in Scandinavia. Still today his identity is a secret. Even you can be an anonymous slot player in the list winning big.

9. The jackpot of $27.6 Million

Let me take you to the date 15th of November, 1998. Yes, this was a great day for a 67-year-old anonymous lady who took home the prize money of $27,580,879. The retired flight attendant bet more than they had just intended for at the Palace Station.

She bet $300 in the slot machine and hit the jackpot of $27.6 million. Although this was not her first win in the casino. Initially, she had won $680,000 while gambling at “Wheel of Fortune”. But she hit big the next time.

10.  The Story of $35 Million Win

However, she couldn’t enjoy the prize money as she had passed through a mishap after winning the jackpot. But it is part of life. So don’t just think negatively as every coin has two sides. The more positive feeling you have higher the chances of winning big and spending in good norms.

Biggest Slot Wins In History

Conclusion There are other great stories wherein people have hit bigger up to $39.7 million. This is considered to be the highest in the history of Las Vegas. The casino had to pay the amount in 25 yearly installments worth $1.5 million.